How To Save Ufone Sim Balance | Ufone balance save code 2022

Are you looking to know about the Ufone balance save code? If yes, you come to the right place. In this article, we guide you on how you can save your balance on the Ufone sim by using a code.

Ufone is a Pakistan top-level 4G service provider network. They allow you to save your balance, during your internet is on. They provide a package at an affordable price.

We assure you if you are interested in this. After reading this article you do not need any other article for solving your problem.

Ufone balance save code

Ufone balance saving is very easy by using a code method. Dial *6611# on your mobile dialer pad and save your balance with 0 charges.

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  • Open your mobile dialer pad dial *6611# and apply.
  • A small menu opens in front of your screen.
  • They ask for your Subscribe balance save code.
  • You are type 1 and reply.
  • Your balance save offer is active now.

How to save Ufone sim balance

We have told you how you can save the balance on Ufone SIM using 1 code when you apply it. Two options will appear in front of them, you have to select the first one and reply. There is only one way for you to save your balance on Ufone SIM, we are telling you below how you can unsubscribe from this offer.

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If you guys want to unsubscribe Ufone balance save offer then you should read the below points for that.

  • Again dial *6611# and apply.
  • You see 2 options.
  • You select 2 and reply back.
  • They unsubscribed from your offer.

Terms and conditions

If you avail of Ufone’s balance saves offer, be sure to read and follow the five points below. These points are going to help you a lot when you read them.

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  • You are applying this offer if you have a Rs 0.05 balance in your sim.
  • They are charged for this.
  • This offer is a lifetime offer for your sim.
  • They allow you to unsubscribe from this offer.
Last Conclusion

We hope you better understand, how you can save your Ufone sim balance. We are guiding you through every single point by helping with this article. Thanks a lot for reading this article. Read more Ufone-related articles.

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