How To Subscribe Jazz Gujrat Package | Jazz Gujrat Package Code 2022

Are you looking to know about, the jazz Gujrat Offer subscribe code? if yes. You come to the right place. In this article, we are guiding you how all the information about the jazz Gujrat Offer and how you can subscribe to this offer.

We assure you. If you are interested in this offer information. After reading this article you are not going to any other article else. We explain everything about it.

Jazz is Pakistan’s number 1 data network. According to the Pakistan telecom company, jazz tested 5G in Pakistan in a feature they announced this service. They provide you best offer in Gujrat, Lalamusa, and Jhelum.

Jazz Gujrat Package Subscribe Code

Package Name Price Subscribe Code All net Minutes Internet DataValidity
Gujrat Hafawar OfferRs 119 +tax*307# 60 10GB ( 5GB are (2 AM – 2PM ) 7 DAYS

Jazz Gujrat package code is *307#. Simply you are dial this code on your phone and subscribe to this package offer.

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In this offer, you get 10GB internet and 5000 SMS, 60 All network minutes for the 7 days. If you check this package status Dial *307*2#.

How To Subscribe Jazz Gujrat Package

Jazz Gujrat offer a subscription very easily. Any customer subscribes to this offer in only 2 steps. If you have Rs 119 + Tax balance in your sim. Read the below steps carefully.

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  • Open your mobile phone dialer pad, dial *307#, and apply.
  • A new menu opens in your front.
  • They ask you for 1 or 2 options.
  • You select subscribe number and send it back.
  • Your offer is active now.
  • Your balance is an increase

Therm and conditions

  • This offer is only in Gujrat, Jhelum, Lalamusa, and Jalalpuer Jattan Areas.
  • If you have a Rs 119+tax balance in your sim then subscribe to this.
  • Multiple offer suscibe is avalibal.
  • Jazz changes this offer at any time, but it’s time it is working.
  • If you check this offer status dial *307*2# and check.

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Last Conclusion

In this article, we are guiding you through all the information about jazz Gujrat’s offer and how you can subscribe to it. Hope you better understand. Thanks a lot for reading this article. Read more Jazz-related articles.

Frequently Ask Questions
How can I check my Gujrat offer?

It is simple if you check your Gujrat offer status. Dial *307*2# and apply they send you all the details.

How can I get 10GB in Jazz?

If you are leaving in Gujrat, Lalamusa, Jhelum, and Jalaspur Jattana area subscribe jazz Gujrat offer.

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