How To Check DU Sim Balance? | 4 Easy Methods 2023

Hello, dear new DU Sim user. Hope you are well. If you are looking to know, how you can check your DU sim remaining balance. You are at the right place. 

There is a very common problem for the new DU sim user. We tell you 4 easy methods on this page for checking DU sim Balance. 

We assure you after reading this article, you got all the best information about your balance check problem. 

What is DU Sim? 

DU is a telecom network from UAE. This network was launched in 2007 in the United Arab Emirates. DU provides the best and most affordable price prepaid and postpaid voice and internet plans for UAE tourism. This is a very biggest telecom operating network. 

How To Check DU Sim Balance? 

UAE biggest telecom operator network DU gives you multiple methods for checking your postpaid and prepaid sim balance. 

You are checking your balance through the short code, using an official DU app, and the best method checks by sending a message using the DU sim official portal website. You follow any type of method, but first, you can read your choice method guide steps and follow it. 

1 – DU Sim Balance Check Code

*135# is a DU sim balance check code. You dial this code and press the call button and they are given your balance details for free.

This is a very usable and popular method. If you are following this method. Read and follow the below steps. 

  • Open your device dialer pad. 
  • Dial *135# and press the call button.
  • Ask your balance inquiry to the official customer support.

2 – Check DU Sim Balance Using Code

This balance check method is usable for prepaid customers, they check their balance by dialing a simple code. You are dialing a “balance” to your local messing app. Then Follow the below-given steps.

  • Dial balance message.
  • Send this message to 1335 and wait a few seconds.
  • DU company send you your remaining balance details in your inbox. 

3 – Check DU Sim Balance Using Portal 

Portal means DU network’s official website, Customers of this network use this DU network site. And they Check this company’s packages and service information. 

  • Open your mobile browser and search this website ( )
  • If registered already on this website, log in to your account. 
  • After registering and login they show your balance on the home screen.

4 – Check DU Sim Balance Using Official DU App

DU telecom network has an official application for android and iOS users. You can use this app and check your sim number, balance, and information about your account free of cost. For the balance, check the inquiry using the DU app.

There is an official and easy way to check your sim balance. If you are following this method. They provide you with many types of benefits. Follow the below steps. 

  • Open your mobile phone’s play store or app store.
  • Search the DU app.
  • Download and install this application on your device. 
  • After downloading open and make your account using your number and password.
  • They show your balance, account information, and your number on your app’s first page. 

In this article, we are guiding you best and simple methods for checking DU sim remaining balance. Hope you understand all the guide methods and check your sim balance easily. If you have any questions about this article, you are asked in the comments section. 

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FAQs Related To The DU Sim Balance Check

Ans: There are many ways, but we tell you a very easy method. Dial *135# and call now. They are telling your balance. 

Ans: Very simple method, you make your account on DU official website. Go to google and search ( ). Create your account and log in. They show your balance and account details to your homepage. 

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